The lighter side of #GC77

Things have been rather silent on this blog since the day I arrived in Indianapolis for General Convention. Things got a little too crazy, and a little too hectic to write anything here.  So over the next few days, it is my goal to write some reflections and responses to General Convention.  Since there has been a lot of serious things going around, I thought I would start with the lighter side of General Convention.


First, some diocesan humor.  At each deputation table there is a post with the name of the Diocese on it.  There is a custom to decorate these posts with symbols for your diocese.  I enjoyed what the Diocese of Central New York did. The deputies told me that it had nothing to do with the Yankees and that’s why none of the four hats they used were the classic navy blue.  But, I could still pretend.

The chair of our deputation (RI) got a little more creative.  What follows are three images of our post – each depicting the level or creativity (or boredom depending how you look at it) of those of us form the Ocean State.

Here is what our pole looked like for most of the convention.  Here is Mr. Potato Head riding in a boat enjoying some twizzlers.  A side note about the twizzlers.  Deputy Scott Gunn (RI Clergy Deputy and E.D. of Forward Movement) bought a 4lbs box of Twizzlers and shared them with those of us in RI and the surrounding deputations.  I think I saw something on  his Facebook this morning that makes me think he is now sponsored by the delicious candy.    Back to the task at hand!  Here is why RI had Mr. Potato Head in a boat: 1) A boat because we are the ocean state, and; 2) Mr. Potato Head is made Hasboro Toys which is located in Pawtucket, RI.    The second photo is on Mr. Potato Head on “Dress like Gregory Straub Day.”  Mr. Potato Head got into the spirit and put on his nicest bowtie.  Finally on the last legislative day, Mr. Potato Head was ordained and became Fr. Potato Head.  You may also notice that he is holding a sign that says, “Jesus!”  That’s because he won House of Deputies Bingo!


What is HoD Bingo you ask, it is the a fabulous game created by Committee 99 (Committee on Entertainment and Sanity) Vice Chair and RI Deputy Melody Shobe.  She created a bingo game using the popular words and phrases from the House of Deputies to create a Bingo game.  The rules were simple.  Every time you heard a word or phrase you put a tile down, just like in regular bingo.  There were penalties however, if said they wanted to “amend the amendment” you lost a tile, if some was ruled out of order you had to stop playing for two minutes, and if someone called to divide the question you had to clear your card.  To signify that you got a bingo you had to yell, “JESUS!” in the HoD.  Let me tell you, if you said “Jesus” too loud people got a little upset.  According to one tweeter proclaim Jesus in HoD is a breach of decorum.
The final thing, I’ll share with you is Bonnie Ball.  Bonnie Ball is a play by play game where you get points for various things done in the HoD.  For example play #2, which seemed to be a favorite amongst deputies, is to wear something on your head while speaking.  Play #19 would score you the most points – 15 – and all you had to do was mention Bonnie-Ball while addressing the Chair.  The innagural game of Bonnie Ball was won by Deputy Lowell Grisham Arkansas with 71 points!  Congrats Deputy Grishman, desiringthekingdom wishes you the best of luck in defending your title in Game Two Salt Lake City 2015.
That’s all for now on the lighter side of #GC77.  Looking for more fun and games, go search the backlogs of twitter for #GC77.  Now there was a good time.

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