Easter isn’t over!

The text from the St. Peter’s E-Net from Friday April 5, 2013

I love Easter hymnody – the texts we have for this season are so rich with theology, imagery, and meaning of the resurrection and resurrected life with Jesus. Thursday morning during Morning Prayer, I got to sing one of my favorite Easter hymns: Hymn 193, That Easter day with joy was bright. 


As we sang this hymn, I was instantly reminded of this Sunday’s Gospel when we hear the story of doubting Thomas. “When, to their longing eyes restored, the apostles saw their risen Lord . . . his wounded hands and feet he showed; those scars their solemn witness gave that Christ was risen from the grave.”Thomas, in order to believe that the others had seen Jesus, in order to believe the miracle of the resurrection, needed the solemn witness of Jesus’ scars.

I think it is easy to image ourselves as Thomas, needing proof – needing to see – the miracle of the resurrection.  But, what happens when we image ourselves as one of the other apostles.  What do we long to have restored?

During these Great Fifty Days, we have the opportunity to practice living as resurrected people: Practice that will take us through not only the rest of the Church year, but through the rest of our lives.  This is an opportunity to pray, to join in worship, to preach the Gospel, to feed the hungry and heal the sick, to live as beacons of Christ’s light in the world.  But, just as the apostles’ eyes were restored, I wonder what in us needs to be restored in order to live this life to which we have been called.

I hope you will join us this Sunday to continue the joyful celebration of the resurrection that we so wonderfully began last Sunday.  Come and be restored and strengthened to live as resurrected people.  Come and meet our risen Lord.  Easter is fifty days, not one.  We still have a lot of celebrating to do.

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