Twitter for the Win #Jesus

imageThis afternoon the House of Deputies considered resolution B009: Conducting an Online Digital Evangelism Test.  You can read the current version of the resolution here.  I was the last person to testify to the resolution, and this is what I had to say:

Madame President – I rise in support of this resolution.

The work of evangelism must happen where people are gathering. The largest place where people are gathering is in the digital world. As a way of demonstrating the power of digital evangelism, I want to read a few thoughts from the twitterverse in response to B009

@FrJody: Folks, most newcomers @stjoeshville have connected via social media & web. I’m asking deputies to vote #yesB009 & watch what happens #gc78

@EpiscoDad: Social media has been key in following #GC78 & it can be used for so much more. Msg. of Jesus doesn’t have to stop at church door. #yesB009

@Fr_Pat: thousands of ppl saw an invitation on Facebook & Twitter to my parish’s Christmas services, our ASA is under 100 and growing #yesB009 #gc78


@sarahrandallssm: Indeed, if the message of Jesus stops at the church door, it’s pretty pointless!

@neilwillard: “Go ye into all the world, including Twitter, and preach the gospel to every creature, even those on Facebook.” (Mark 16:15) #gc78 #yesb009

@fr_christopher: I’m good with 4th C theology and 16th C liturgy but communications and evangelism have to be 2015. #yesB009 #gc78

You can watch the twitter testimony here, it begins at 3:18:11. Couldn’t figure out how to embed from Live Stream or have it start at a particular place, let me know if anyone know how to do this.

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