It’s a Wrap!


The Diocese of Rhode Island guarded by the anchor in the House of Deputies.

That’s all she wrote folks.  The 78th General Convention has come to a close.  In some ways it went by quickly and in others it feels that we’ve been in Salt Lake City for a month.

This marks the end of my fourth General Convention, third as a Deputy.  In many ways it has been like every other convention and in some ways it has been unlike any other experience.  This triennial gathering, for me, has been marked by historic decisions of my beloved Church, serving on a legislative committee for the first time, continuing to find my voice and passions within the corporate life of The Episcopal Church, and even getting a few job offers (which my Bishop’s wife promptly turned down for me).  Exhaustion has set in so I am having a hard time capturing the day.  I am sure over the days and weeks ahead, as I process and reflect on these last 12 days, more will come to mind, but at the moment there are only two things that come to mind.

First, I am filled with deep and profound gratitude for the people of The Episcopal Diocese of Rhode Island for electing me to this amazing ministry opportunity, and I am thankful to my Bishop for allowing me to continue to serve after I became a postulant.  It is a real honor to serve in the House of Deputies, one I do not take lightly.  Thank you to all those who have mentored and supported me over the years so that I may serve faithfully in this way.

Second, I am confident in saying that the highlight of the day was the sermon at the closing Eucharist this morning.  This Eucharist served as the “welcoming” Eucharist for the Presiding Bishop-Elect.  As such Michael Curry preached.  If you’ve ever heard him preach you know the power of this man’s voice.  It’s a great sermon and I think was just right for the day.  I invite you all to watch Bishop Curry’s sermon – particularly if you’ve never heard him preach before.

Friends it is time to go!

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