Prayers for Advent

The following are the set of Advent Prayers of the People that I wrote from Trinity Church, Hartford.  The parish is focusing on the O Antiphons for the season and thus each petition is based on a different antiphon.

O Antiphons.png

Each petition will conclude with a period of silent reflection followed by a chime.

O God, our hope and our desire, in joyful expectation of your coming, we pray for your Church and for the World.

O Wisdom from on high: we long for your coming as a woman longs for the birth of her child, as the refugee longs for home, as the humble poor longs for justice. Be present in and among us in this season of expectation and waiting. [Reflection] Lord Jesus, Come Soon.

O Lord of might: we lift before you all who have answered the call to serve the world through your Church. For Michael our Presiding Bishop, for Ian and Laura our own Bishops, for all bishops and other ministers, and for all the holy people of God that through our actions people may see and know the Kingdom of God that is already and not yet. [Reflection] Lord Jesus, Come Soon.

O Root of Jesse: Spring forth in this world your branches of truth, mercy, compassion, and joy. Ground all those who proclaim your name in your unending and never failing love, that amidst pain and fear all people may find rest and protection in your branches. [Reflection] Lord Jesus, Come Soon.

O Key of David: you open and none can shut, you shut and none can open. Welcome into your wide embrace all those who have died, remembering especially [YOUR PETITIONS ARE INVITED EITHER SILENTLY OR ALOUD] and all those who will die this week that they may enter that place of eternal rest where sorrow and pain are no more. [Reflection] Lord Jesus, Come Soon.

O Morning Star: shine your light upon those who live in darkness and the shadow of death. Illumine with your celestial brightness those who mourn, that through their tears they may see the promise of your eternal and everlasting hope and joy. [Reflection] Lord Jesus, Come Soon.

O King of the Nations: inspire all the leaders of this world, especially Barack our President, Dannel our Governor, Pedro our Mayor, Luke our Mayor-elect, and all those who live and work in our communities that we may seek justice, and promote the dignity of every human being. [Reflection] Lord Jesus, Come Soon.

O Emmanuel: Come among us and be present to us. Let our lives be transformed by your grace that when we are weak we may have strength, when we are broken we may be healed, and when we are distressed we may be comforted, that we may be set free from all that holds us in bondage. We pray especially for those things we hold in our hearts [YOUR PETITIONS ARE INVITED EITHER SILENTLY OR ALOUD]. [Reflection] Lord Jesus, Come Soon.

Come, Lord Jesus, do not delay; give new courage to your people, who trust in your love. By your coming break forth in us, as you break into the world, that we may prepare in our lives a place for your indwelling spirit, where with the Father and the Holy Spirit you live and reign, now and forever. AMEN.

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