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A Better Budget?

Yesterday the Presiding Bishop did, what is in my opinion, a great service to the Church.  She presented to the Church the Presiding Bishop’s Budget Proposal that is based in mission, service, and being the body of Christ.  It is a budget of hope, not one of fear.  While I haven’t gone through the budget line by line, I have read the Message that accompanied the budget.  From what I’ve read so far I am impressed.

By having a more serious focus on mission – via the 5 Marks of Mission – the Presiding Bishop is using the moral document as a way to call us back to the core of who we are.  She is calling us to be a mission minded people and to focus on being Christ’s presence in this broken world.

In her own words:

I believe this reflects what I have seen and experienced firsthand in my visits throughout The Episcopal Church.  those very significant signs of health and hope in congregations and dioceses across this Church are examples of powerful engagement with God’s mission.  What follows is a plan for making this Church a more effective agent of God’s redeeming love mad manifest in Jesus Christ.

Through her message to the Church, it is clear that the Presiding Bishop is stepping up in her leadership position and leading us to a renewed sense of self as the Body of Christ.  She is leading us to develop and rediscover a desire to serve others in the name of Christ.  This is a wonderful example of living into the desire for the Kingdom of God.

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