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Transitions and Saying Goodbye

So I’m taking a momentary pause from General Convention, to look at real life. Over the past month I have been in a hiring process at St. Peter’s By the Sea Episcopal Church in Narragansett RI.   This past Thursday, I was officially offered the position and accepted it. as a result of General Convention and other factors, I had already submitted my letter of resignation for my current position at St. Martin’s Episcopal Church in Providence, RI.  My time at St. Martin’s will come to an end next week (June 27). It is with great sadness that I’m leaving my ministry at St. Martin’s, but I’m incredibly excited inbuilt starting at St. Peter’s. As I was surfing though some blogs today I came across this post on Clergy Family Confidential. I found is words comforting and a wonderful inspiration on leaving as praying our goodbyes.

Here is an excerpt from the blog:

Leaving a congregation can feel like you’re forsaking a congregation. Even when you’re trying to be open and faithful to the call of the Spirit, feelings of anger, betrayal, and grief can abound on both sides.

I’m waiting for Sunday to come with great anticipation, sadness, joy, and many other emotions rolled into one. It will be my last Sunday at St. Martin’s and in the evening I will go to St. Peter’s for the first time for an Evensong and movie night in honor of their – I guess I should say our – patronal feast.

As I continue to reflect on my year at St. Martin’s, I am incredibly grateful for all that this position and ministry has meant for me.  The relationships built, the experiences, my colleagues, and so much more.  It has been a year of personal and professional growth, and one of the most beneficial parts of my vocational discernment.  The people of St. Martin’s will forever hold a special place in my heart.  I am forever grateful for the gift of this past year that they have given me.

Tonight I pray for transitions, for goodbyes and in gratitude for Jesus walking with us through the stormy seas.

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